Sweet or lightly sour, white or black, grapes are usually welcomed as a sudden burst of natural sugars that explode in one's mouth. Beyond the taste, grapes or 'vitis vinifera' are natural antioxidants and a great source for resveratrol which protects people from environmental stress; and flavonoids with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Table grapes have a lower sugar content than wine grapes.

The most prominent grape-growing areas in India are well nested in the state of Maharashtra. Matching quality and safety specifications to suit the European markets, Nature One has proved to be an important supplier of good quality grapes from India.
    Thompson Seedless – These grapes are light-green seedless grapes with oblong berries, and have a crunchy sweet-tart flavour. They serve as the bulk of table grapes that are exported from India.

Flame Seedless – These grapes are popularly in demand and are grown as a cross between Thompson, Cardinal and other grape varieties. This variety has small round berries in an attractive red shade.

Sharad Seedless
– This bunch of grapes are black to purple in colour with medium sized oval shaped berries. They are sweet with a very crisp taste.

Jumbo Seedless – These grapes are also oval-shaped berries with an average size of 22mm - 24mm. These berries are usually available in big sized clusters of black and purple.

Sonaka Seedless – This variety is a bud-sport of Thompson Seedless grapes with elongated berries, and is the second largest grape variety that is exported from India.
    The pre-summer months in India, between January to April, are the prime months for harvesting grapes. Since this growing season falls between the Chilean and Mexican grape seasons, the Indian variety becomes vital in the year-round supply of grapes for export. The Thompson Seedless variety are harvested between January and April end; whereas the Flame, Sharad, Jumbo and Sonaka Seedless are harvested between January and March.    
Type Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    Sharad Seedless                
    Jumbo Seedless                
    Sonaka Seedless                
    Thompson Seedless              
    Flame Seedless                  
Thriving in hot, dry environmental climates, table grapes grow beautifully when nourished with proper amounts of irrigated water in well drained soil. Maharashtra's hot climate is perfect to yield the best quality of grapes in India. We also have a dedicated group of certified farmers.
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