Nature One is a BRC, HACCP certified Fresh Produce Company.

Working with international markets for over half a decade, Nature One's success lies in its adherence to a non-compromising approach to deliverables. Using a well defined, controlled and documented approach, they ensure both sound quality management and total traceability.

We continue to implement successfully the following protocols and standard operating procedures:

Appreciating the concerns of European consumers on quality and food safety aspects of fresh produce, Nature One gives utmost importance to follow regulations that match safety norms, in order to meet the expectations of the consumer.
1. Purchasing Procedure   1. HACCP Procedure
2. Supplier Approval & Surveillance Procedure   2. Document Control Procedure
3. Harvesting Procedure   3. Management of Incidents
4. Product Analysis & Laboratory Testing Procedure   4. Internal Audit Procedure
5. Non Confirming Product & review procedure   5. Emergency Evacuation Procedure
6. Product Testing & Release Procedure   6. Glass Breakage Procedure
7. Product Release Procedure   7. Employee Notification Procedure
8. Waste Disposal & Management Procedure