Baby Aubergines, also known as 'eggplant,' or 'brinjal,' are dark purple skinned vegetables with a creamy flesh, and a non-tuberiferous species of 'solanum.'

Rich in minerals and vitamins like A and C, baby aubergines are a stable vegetable and are high in nutritive values. The bitterness in the vegetable comes from the presence of 'glycoalkaloids.'
    All year round.

Type Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    Bottle Gourd

Flavour and texture must be characteristic of the variety with no off flavours or taints. The vegetables are sold loose or a jumbled pack. If loose, there are 4 pieces per pack and placed in a clear bag sealed at the top. They are exported by using a strong cardboard or plastic outer, without staples or wooden packaging.

The box labels will include details as they apply to:
pack date, harvest date, origin, weight, product name, supplier name, class of product.