Whether red or green, Bird's Eye Chillies, 'Capsicum frutescens' or 'Thai chilli' have a rich colour with a healthy unblemished skin and packed with flavour. Due to a high degree of capsaicin, they exhibit a hot taste whether eaten raw or cooked; and form the major ingredient in curry powder.

Chillies are rich in proteins and vitamins like Thiamine, Riboflavin and Vitamin C. Traditionally, they were used to ease arthritis and rheumatism, and also worked as a cure for dyspepsia, flatulence, and toothache.
    All year round.

Chilli is grown in both tropical and sub-tropical areas. For vegetative growth it requires warm humid climate. For fruit maturity it requires warm dry weather.
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    Bird's Eye Chillies

Full of nutrients, the chillies are delivered in top form, free from chemicals or any decay. They should not be hot and they should be free from taints and smells.

Based on colour, chillies are packed loose and jumbled as a stack of green or red. They are exported by using a strong cardboard or plastic outer, without staples or wooden packaging.

The box labels will include details as they apply to:
pack date, harvest date, origin, weight, product name, supplier name, class of product.