Bitter gourd, also known as 'karela,' bitter melon or 'Momordica charantia' is a very nutritious vegetable with a good source of vitamin A and C, phosphorus, and iron. The fruits are generally 10 -20 cm long, tapering at the ends and covered with blunt tubercles. They are green when unripe turning to an orange yellow colour when ripe.

Bitter Gourd is popular for its therapeutic value especially for people suffering from diabetes. The vegetable is also rich in lutein, a crucial component of healthy skin, eyes, nerves and hair.
    Available throughout the year.

The growth requirements of bitter gourd are generally long periods of warm dry weather with strong sunshine. There are varieties of bitter gourd that are grown in summer as well as during the rainy season. In case of the latter, vine growth is spread very extensively.

In South and Central India it can be cultivated round the year.
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The vegetables are sold loose and are neatly packed pre-pack micro-perforated bags to eliminate damage to the product. They are exported by using a strong cardboard or plastic outer, without staples or wooden packaging.

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