'Lagenaria siceraria' or bottle gourd, also popularly known as bottle squash, calabash gourd, 'Doodhi,' and 'Lauki.' It is a pale light green vegetable with smooth skin, white creamy flesh, and a delectably light nutty flavour. Bottle gourd is a low calorie vegetable with great health benefits. As a source rich in vitamins, iron and minerals, the vegetable works well with our digestive system.

Being rich in nutrients and showing a high resistance against mildew, the quality of bottle gourd that Nature One supplies is perfect in taste and is free from decay.
    All year round.

Bottle gourd is warm season crop cannot tolerate cold and frost, which is why it grows best during the summer months. The vegetable thrives in sandy to sandy loam soils with good drainage facilities.
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    Bottle Gourd

The vegetables are sold loose and are neatly packed to eliminate damage to the product. They are exported by using a strong cardboard or plastic outer, without staples or wooden packaging.

The box labels will include details as they apply to:
pack date, harvest date, origin, weight, product name, supplier name, class of product.